5.8 GHZ  CCTV  BY RADIO      PRICE  £168

vidtxrxComprises of a 5.8 ghz video transmitter and receiver in weather proof housings.
The transmitter video input connects to the video output of any CCTV camera or DVR monitor output.The transmitter audio input connects to the audio output of
any CCTV camera,DVR or surveillance microphone.
receiver A/V output connects to the A/V input of any monitor, DVR or TV set.

TRANSMISSION RANGE: Up to  1 mile  omni directional line of site open terrain ( with no buildings or trees in line) will operate through glass windows if transmitter can see receiver.
POWER SUPPLY: Operates from 240v mains via supplied 12v adaptors or from 12v battery and solar charger,TX draws 250ma RX 100ma.  A 100 amp 12v battery will give
up to 2 weeks constant use before charging required.
For 12 volt power saving see OUTDOOR ALARM
  sensor to power up cameras and transmitter only when intruders are detected.
CHANNELS: Up to 10 radio channels are selectable to enable up to 10 cameras to operate on one site.
SIZE: External housings size 200x150x60 mm.

The 5.8 ghz radio link will give reliable interference free operation in any direction up to a distance of 1 mile in open terrain conditions,where as 2.4ghz radio links now suffer interference from WI FI, BLUE TOOTH,WIRELESS ROUTERS,MICROWAVE OVENS,ALARM SYSTEMS AND DATA SENDERS,even frequency hopping 2.4ghz transmitters will soon have NO WHERE to hop to !

Remote CCTV surveillance for isolated buildings, storage yards, farms, livestock monitoring,
equestrian monitoring, sport fields, car parks, in vehicle surveillance etc.

For very long range applications (in theory infinite range) connect a receivers output to a transmitters input on a different channel every mile to form a radio relay.

The transmitter and receiver can be connected to the power supply,camera and monitor using up to 100m of screened,coax or cat5 cable.
Install as high as possible so housings can see each other.
Connect supplied power supplies or 12v battery to transmitter and receiver using 2 core or multi core cable, red to red +12v and black to black -0v.
Conect camera to yellow video input plug on TX and monitor to yellow video output plug on RX.
Connect audio from mic (if required) to white channel 1 or red channel 2 plug on TX,, and audio to monitor to same on RX.

Install a microphone inside alarm control panel or next to alarm sounder or buzzer.Connect the mic to red or white audio input on TX.Connect corresponding audio out on RX to the audio input of any amplified computer type speaker unit and adjust volume to suit.When the alarm is activated the speaker will sound  the alarm until the control panel is reset ,,,,  a very effective long range radio alarm which can alert users to the presence of intruders, then just switch on a CCTV monitor to observe intruders and listen in !!!!.
See OUTDOOR ALARM sensor for  alarm detectors.

Push on off switch by aerial to ON
Set channels on both TX and RX as follows by switching on dip switches by video input.

CH1  2&4 ON               CH2  1&4 ON             CH3  4 ON            CH 4  1&2 ON


CH1  3 ON      CH2  1&3 ON       CH3 2&3 ON       CH4 1&3 ON      CH5 1&2&3&4 ON      CH6 2&3&4 ON        CH7 3&4 ON



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