ks208Comprises of a dual pir, small animal proof,  intruder detector with alarm output relay to activate sirens, buzzers and or a GSM telephone dialler, in a ABS housing size 160mm x 80mm x50mm.


RANGE:  Adjustable intruder detection range 8 meters or 12 meters, detection pattern 90 degree.
PULSE COUNT: Variable 1 or 2 pulses to reduce detection sensitivity.
WALK TEST: Switchable LED indicator.
ALARM OUTPUT: Alarm relay output  N/O or N/C  1 AMP  to drive sirens, buzzers,12v security lighting, GSM dialer 
or CCTV  for remote monitoring.An isolation relay can be added to activate mains powered sirens or lighting.
ALARM TIME: Selectable auto reset time 4 seconds or 20 seconds,only resets when intruders are no longer detected. 
A latching relay can be added for constant alarm activation until manually reset if required
DAY NIGHT: Can be set for night time only or 24 hour operation.
POWER. Operates from 12v battery, solar charger, mains 12v adaptor or alarm panel. Standby current only 7ma.
WEATHER PROOF: To IP56 for internal and external security applications.


The alarm sensor incorporates dual passive infra red detector signal processing technology which eliminates false alarms from small animals under 10 kg eg birds, cats and foxes .This ensures reliable operation when used as an out door intruder detector for virtually any application (for larger animal rejection see ADVANCED version at bottom of page).The sensor is very easy to install and will operate with any burglar alarm control panel to activate the alarm before a break in occurs, saving damage to windows and doors or as a  stand alone battery or mains powered intruder alarm system.
The sensor can also activate CCTV recorders or wireless transmitters in remote locations for power saving applications, automatic telephone dialler's or sirens and security lighting with out the need for a control panel. Any number or sensors can be linked together to protect large areas.



Up to 10 internal 12v buzzers can be installed  at different locations through out a building to alert occupants of approaching intruders.The buzzers can be heard at a distance of up to 15 meters in a room and sound level output can be reduced if required.
Connects to the sensor output using  2 core twin or multi core alarm cable.

sirenHIGH POWER 118 DB SIREN   PRICE  £16    

Up to 2 high power 12v sirens can be installed internally or externally to alert occupants and warn off intruders.The sirens can be heard up to distance of 1/4 of a mile at night and are fitted in sheltered weather proof locations.
Connects to the sensor output using 2 core twin or multi core alarm cable.

gsm_alarmspyGSM TELEPHONE DIALER   PRICE  £128

Connects to the 12v supply and the alarm output of the sensor.When intruders are detected,the dialler sends out alarm activated text messages to up to 3 land line or mobile phone numbers then dials the numbers in turn.Built in GPS enables the dialler to be tracked if stolen.Supplied with a surveillance microphone to enable users to listen in to the activity and voices of any intruders over the phone at any time from anywhere.
See GSM SPYALARM for details.


Connects to the alarm output of the sensor or any control panel using 2 core or multi core alarm cable.When intruders are detected the camera records all the sound and video activity in the protected area together with time and date, then resets to stand by when intruders are no longer present. Recording is stored on to a standard SD memory card that can be played back and copied on any PC or laptop.Requires weather proof housing if installed outside. See INFORMER CAM for details.


Any number of key switches can be installed  to set and unset the alarm sensor from different locations.
Hidden on/off switches (eg light switches) can used in place of key switches if required for ease of operation.


Operates from the 12v supply and can be programmed to automatically set and unset the alarm sensor at different times of day or night throughout the week.


Plug in type, 12v  2 amp supply will power up to 10 alarm sensors and up to 2 sirens or up to 10 buzzers and a GSM dialer if required.


To charge up 12v batteries where no main power is available.


Heavy duty 12v 45Ah light weight battery will power sensor for up to 9 months or sensor and GSM dialler for up to 2 months before recharging required, add solar charger for constant operation.

Drive way & garage alarm to protect vehicles and bikes etc.
Garden ornaments and plants alarm.
Field gateway alarm.
Stable and tack room alarm.
Car park alarm.
Camp site alarm.
Caravan alarm.                                                     
Boat and marina alarm.
Airfield  and hanger alarm.
Fuel and heating oil storage tank alarm.
Isolated & empty buildings alarm.
Construction site alarm.
Storage container and compound alarm.
Lead roof and copper cables alarm.
CCTV  remote monitoring alarm.

Outdoor  Silent  Security  Alarm   (OSSA)   
Price  £200 
Batteries extra depending on application.

Comprises of an external  detector, a GSM telephone dialer and a high sensitivity surveillance microphone all fitted into a weather proof external housing size 150x200x100mm.The unit is powered from internal or external rechargeable batteries.Internal batteries can give up to 10 days operational use and external batteries can give up to 6 months before recharge is needed depending on the predicted number of of alarm activations.A solar or mains charger can also be added for charging or  constant use.

When an intruder is detected with in 12 meters of the OSSA unit ,the dialler will silently send an alarm text message then call up to 3 land line or mobile phone numbers.When the call is answered the surveillance microphone will enable users to listen in to the activity and voices of any intruders within 10 meters of the unit.
SURVEILLANCE ON DEMAND enables the user to dial into the unit at any time to listen in for any activity even if the alarm has not been activated.A mini CCTV camera recorder eg the INFORMER can be added to record images of intruders if required.Extra detectors can also be added to increase detection range and coverage area if required. 


Due to the very low power consumption of the sensor ( 7ma @12v ) a portable self contained solar powered security system can be custom made,, with any number of sensors with sirens, and or GSM dialer, and or CCTV recorder.See GSM SPY ALARM AND INFORMER CAM .


Comprises of similar to above but  can not be activated by ANY animals under 1.2 meters in height, eg large dogs,sheep,packs of foxes etc.

The sensor has variable detection range from 3 meters to 12 meters to eliminete false alarms from passers
by out side the designated protected area and variable sensitivity to eliminate false alarms from hostile

Detection pattern 90 degrees,can be upgraded to 180 degrees to protect large areas.

The alarm output relay can be upgraded from 1 amp to 10 amps to activate  mains  powered sirens and security 
lighting if required.

The alarm output relay has a variable timer to enable sirens or buzzers to sound from 2 seconds to 5 mins.

Power supply 12v 20ma. Size 230 x 80 x 80 mm.

Advanced electronic signal processing ensures outstanding reliability for all outdoor security applications.

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