Comprises of a microwave radar intruder detector and a high power auto reset alarm output relay in one small module size 80mm x 40mm x 40mm.

RANGE: Adjustable intruder detection range from 2m to 8m in all directions from sensor.
ALARM OUTPUT: Alarm relay out put +12v  5 amp to drive high power sirens, buzzers or 12v led security lighting.An isolation relay with dry contacts can be added to activate GSM  dialer's or CCTV DVR for remote monitoring.
ALARM TIME: Variable auto reset time from 5 secs to 4 mins approx,only resets when intruders are no longer detected.
DAY NIGHT: Can be set for night time only or 24hr operation.
POWER: Operates from 12v battery, solar charger, mains adaptor or alarm panel.Standby current 25ma.

The microwave radar intruder sensor is an  alternative to PIR detectors as it is not affected by temperature variations,it will always detect solid hot or cold objects such as vehicles and it can be installed totally covertly.The sensor can be installed internally or externally if fitted into a waterproof housing.The sensor will detect intruders through glass and wood  windows or doors enabling the alarm to activate before a break in occurs.
The sensor will even detect intruders if buried under soil or grass.The sensor can activate cctv recorders or wireless transmitters, automatic telephone dialler's, or sirens and lighting with out the need for a control panel.The sensor will detect approaching cats, dogs and other animals.
See OUTDOOR ALARM for animal proof detectors. 

High power self contained alarm to protect isolated buildings, storage areas, fuel tanks,
vehicles, boats,aircraft, construction sites etc.

If an attenuator is fitted, range can be reduced to approx 1 meter providing ideal  protection for
fuel tanks on goods vehicles or for fitting under a vehicles to protect catalytic converter.

buzer INTERNAL  BUZZER    PRICE   4              

Comprises of a 12v piezo buzzer. Up to 10 buzzers can be installed around a building to alert users that the alarm has been activated with out alerting the intruders.The buzzers can be heard at a distance of 15 meters in a room and the sound out put can be reduced if required.

siren HIGH  POWER  118DB  SIREN    PRICE  16          

Comprises of a high power  12v  piezo siren  which can be heard up to a distance of 1/4 mile at night.Up to 2 sirens can be installed internally or externally  in a sheltered location to alert neighbours and warn off intruders when the alarm is activated.

keyswKEY  SWITCH    PRICE  6

Any number of key switches can be installed to arm and disarm the sensor from different locations.
Hidden on /off switches (eg light switches) can be used in place of key switches if required.

NOTE: Each time the sensor is switched on at the key or switch the sirens or buzzers activate for approx 2 seconds as a self test function, a second switch can installed in series with alarm output for silent setting operation.

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